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Looking for a special gift?

Contact us for custom gifts and commissioned art

Custom gifts and commissioned artworks are a great way to make any holiday, birthday, wedding or special occasion truly unique. 
Whether you are looking for custom bridesmaids gifts or corporate gifts,  contact us below to make your vision come to life.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t...you’re right.

- Henry Ford

About Jeanne

Jeanne grew up on a farm in Shiner, Texas. Inspired by her father’s love of art, she developed her own style using leftover paint and items she found on the farm. In her late twenties, Jeanne lost her husband to cancer after only a few short years of marriage. While grieving, Jeanne began incorporating broken glass in her art as a metaphor for life. Creating art from the broken and discarded materials was a crucial part of her healing process. Combining acrylics, resins and recycled glass, Jeanne began creating unique art that set the stage for her future career.

Jeanne currently lives in San Antonio, Texas where she owns J. Philippus Art Studio & Gallery. One of her greatest passions is her love of people and art. She feels blessed to teach classes and create abstract, contemporary and coastal art every day.